About Surfcity


A spirit filled community, touching the world through the message of JESUS, with the language of LOVE, and a heart for WORSHIP. A church equipping leaders, discipling, and transforming lives, a growing community with a passion for His presence.

Freedom, hope and purpose for all.


  1. The Holy Spirit has first place: His fruit; His gifts; His leading - our yielding.

  2. God’s word is the first and final authority for submission and decision making.

  3. We deliver our best to serve the house of God.

  4. No compromise on truth, integrity, trust.

  5. Recognise each other’s gifts. Help each other grow.

  6. Honour one another: act courteously; build dignity; always build unity.

  7. Considerate, transparent communication.

  8. We value the gathering/ meeting together.