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It’s time for you to take the step of faith and come to the Philippines! Our short term missions trips are an amazing opportunity for you to grow as a follower of Jesus and make a powerful impact in the lives of others. We saw so many salvations in Tacloban and Calbayog on our 2018 trip. In addition to all these salvations there have been notable miracles, healings and communities blessed. Most people go on our trips thinking about how God will use them to change somebodies life. This certainly happens, but what they don't realise is how much God changes their life too.


Welcome to the Philippines

We base our operations in the Tacloban and Calbayog. Each day we board our bus and travel to communities and schools that surround the city. We come for the people. As you walk these streets and villages, you feel God's burning love for the the people you meet. It's amazing to be able to introduce these precious people to the loving God that created them.

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School Ministry

Everyday we visit a school and have the opportunity to bring the Gospel through our testimony of what Jesus has done for us. Schools can be as few as 30 pupils and some can have over 200 students. Its a great opportunity to share the Love of Jesus.

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Evening Gospel Meetings

Every evening we visit a community and partner with a local church to bring a Gospel meeting. These events can be inside or outside and they have such a powerful impact on the community.

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