Hello! Thanks for checking out how you can help look after the kids of our church. We are looking for kids church volunteers for our Emerge age group and Little Flock.

Volunteers will be required to:

  • Wear the RED Surfcity Shirt
  • Hold a current blue card
  • Sign an ACC Code of Conduct form

Volunteers are to arrive for a 8:30am start when rostered on. Finishing at 11:45am. Rosters are normally once a month. If you are available for more, we would greatly appreciate it.

Please fill in the form below to register. Thanks so much for helping grow our church.

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Select which week of the month you are free to volunteer: *
Feel free to select more if you are available.
Please select what you have completed: *
Please Agree to the following: *
I agree to follow all procedures and policies outlined in the Surfcity Kids Manual & the ACC Safer Churches Manual. I agree that Surfcity Church holds the right to suspend my volunteering at any moment for breaking the codes of conduct that will be received at training. I agree to serve with integrity and love God and others as the bible commands.