Who is Jesus?

He is patient and kind. He looks for the best in people. He looks past the worst in people. 

He is loving because He is LOVE.

Jesus is the son of God. He came to earth in the form of a human to help us. "Help me with what?" you may ask. He came to help mankind with the single greatest problem on the earth today - separation from the loving God that created us. 

We were created by God so we could know Him. God is perfect and he created us perfect also. If we are honest with ourselves we don’t have to look too hard to find our imperfections. We have either lied, stolen, behaved cruelly and the list goes on. These things that we do that are wrong are defined by God as sin. Our sin puts division between the loving God that created us and our selves. The consequence of sin is separation from God in this life and for all eternity. This means that we will never know the love, joy and peace that comes from Knowing God. The Bible speaks about a life after death without God calling it "hell". The price of our sin is a life that is far less than what we were created for, and an eternal death in that horrible place. 

This reality saddens God. He Loves us and He was completely unwilling to let us end up in hell. He had to do something to pay the price for your sin so you didn’t have to. This is why He sent Jesus! Jesus is perfect. He has never sinned. He came to earth in human form 2000 years ago and died on a cross. It was the cruellest and most violent of deaths. Jesus died in our place and suffered death (the consequence of sin) so we wouldn’t have to pay the price ourselves for all eternity. Jesus was buried for 3 days and then He came back to life.

If we choose, we no longer have to pay the price of our sins. We can be forgiven and enter into a new life, free from guilt and shame. Our past can die and we have a new life because Jesus died and rose again.

We simply need to acknowledge the following:

  • We have sinned

  • Jesus is God

  • Jesus is sinless

  • Jesus died to pay the price of our sins

  • Jesus rose again from the dead

Once we acknowledge these truths, we can ask Jesus to:

  • Come into our life

  • Forgive us of our wrongs

  • Help us to go in a new direction

When we do this, the following happens:

  • Jesus enters our lives

  • He gives us a fresh start

  • He restores our relationship with God

  • He leads us through life

  • He helps us through life

If you would like to be free from your past and enjoy a relationship with the loving God that created you, find a quiet place and say these words to Jesus. Open your heart to Him and mean what you say. While you say this, know that God is listening and He is so excited to hear your voice.

Say these words:

Dear Jesus, I know I’m not perfect and I've done things that are wrong. I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you for dying on the cross and paying the price for these things I've done. Please come into my life. Please give me a fresh start. Please help me to live the way you want me to, to live that life of fullness that you promise. Most of all Jesus, please let me understand your goodness and your love for me.
In Jesus name, Amen


We want to help you with the next steps in your journey with Jesus. Please let us know so we can send you a bible and some other helpful resources.