The Surfcity Growth Track guides you to discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. The Growth Track is made up of four sessions design to help you grow into the person God intended you to be.


Session 1 - Welcome to Surfcity

Explore the ministry of Surfcity Church. Find out our vision, mission and values.

Session 1 takes place the first Sunday of the month. 


Session 2 - Faith Essentials

Explore the essential habits for a strong health Christian walk. The Bible, prayer, walking with Jesus and the role of the Holy Spirit will be discussed.

Session 2 takes place on the second Sunday of the month.


Session 3 - Discover Your Gifts

Your one of a kind! God made you a certain way. Explore your uniqueness and discover your purpose.

Session 3 takes place on the third Sunday of the month.


Session 4 - Impact Others

We are passionate about seeing you impact others. Come and explore one of the many ministries at Surfcity that help others to meet Jesus.

Session 4 takes place on the fourth Sunday of the month.



Growth track runs during every service at Surfcity. You will hear an announcement during the service to let you know Growth Track is about to start and where it will take place.

Below is a schedule of the sessions that are running through out the month. Keep an eye out for the next session you need to complete.

Please use the form below to let our team know your coming.