Thanks so much for volunteering to be a coach for our connect groups. Coaching is all about sharing the load in making sure the church is being pastorally cared for with purpose, integrity, truth and love.

Your responsibility as a coach is the following:

  1. Call each of the Connect group leaders that are on your list after their group has run for the week.
  2. Ask them the questions in the form below.
  3. Report any needs for the groups such as; deaths, hospital visits, disclosures of harm, prayer needs or anything else that is concerning.
  4. Fill in the form below.

Thanks so much for being a great leader and supporting the leaders in our church. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda through

Once you have submitted your form, press submit and click new form to begin a new form for your next group. Each connect group leader requires a new form.


Please complete the Coach form below

Please complete one form per group.

Your Name:
Deaths in family? Disclosure of harm? Anyone in hospital? Prayer needs?
Are you all set for next weeks group? *
Pray together when finished and then promote any up coming events.